Gift Cards

- We can get you any Japanese gift card ( sent by post mail ) or code ( sent by email ), if it is on sale in Japan, we will get it for you.

If you want a physical gift card mailed to you by post mail, contact us at :    

- If you want a code emailed to you, also contact us at :  

e can email your code within a few minutes or a few hours at worst ( if you contact us in the middle of the night in Japan for ex. )

We don't ask you to open an account or register in order to purchase a code but :

a ) you will need a verified PayPal account ( check if your PayPal account is verified before contacting us )

b ) if you agree to our pricing proposal, we will send you a PayPal payment request for " service " ( not for goods ),

      in order to avoid being scammed with abusive refund requests.

N.B. - You
will get your code from a brand new card, freshly bought from the store ( we don't keep stock )
        - We don't provide support for
the use of the codes, you are on your own ( i.e. this service is for knowing buyers only )

If you have any question, contact us at  :

You are really in a hurry ? Try texting us at : 81 90 1971 3307 ( text only, please, no call )

Examples of pricing : Emailed codes : 3000 yen code for 4000 yen / 5000 yen code for 6500 yen.  Minami Ohashi 2-32-30 815-0034 Fukuoka Japan / Contact :